Peach Blossom Jelly, also known as peach tears, a “plant bird’s nest,” the reputation of containing carbohydrates, protein and plant glue.


Raw protein mining. Blood lipid-lowering, anti-wrinkle rejuvenation, relieve stress, to the mountains Taolin away from industrial pollution, sun drying, natural pollution-free, delicious you aftertaste


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Enjoy freshly home cooked bird’s nest at the comfort of your own home.


Yu Xiang Yan freshness delivers warm and fresh bird’s nest soup right to your home doorstep.


We have various type of flavors with a healthier choice of sugar levels and concentration options that sure to suit your taste.


* According to scientific reports, natural bird’s nest is a rare delicacy with high nutritional value and very good for human health. Benefits of eating bird’s nest are best witnessed if consumption is on a long-term and regular basis.
Love to have Freshly Cooked Bird’s Nest to deliver regularly!
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Additional Information
Sugar Level

0%, 50%, 100%

Total Bowls

1, 2, 4, 10

Choice Of

Normal, Concentrated

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