8 Benefits of bird's nest

1. Beneficial to the lungs

Alleviate coughs and pulmonary conditions such as asthma, breathlessness, prolonged cough, blood in phlem, coughing of blood, inflammation of the tracheae, excessive sweating and heatiness.

2. Beneficial to the stomach

Alleviates ‘cooling’ conditions (TCM concept), reduces vomitting and heals other conditions such as nausea, retching and bowel discomfort.

3. Beneficial to the kidney

Long term consumption can increase energy levels and boost vitality.

4. Boost recovery after surgery

Regain strength and recover from injuries after surgery.

5. Activate rejuvenation

Active factors can activate cell regeneration, repair damaged cells, speed up recovery of wounds, rejuvenate aging skin and restore skin smoothness and elasticity.

6. Promotes brain development

Rich amino acids can improve children’s intellectual ability and memory.

7. Beneficial to women in pregnancy or confinement

Provide more nutrition for recovery.

8. Beneficial to cancer prevention and treatment

Long term consumption strengthens immunity, prevents cancer, alleviates discomfort and aids recovery for patients undergoing chemotherapy.